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Corporate trainings for achieving extraordinary results in the fields of health, safety and security. 

Outstanding depth of co-operation among your own personnel and key partners on all levels. 

Creating agile organisation willing to change for better.

Goal Zero 

- Is it even possible? 

Experience has shown that Goal Zero safety target is possible to reach, when you dig deep into your attitudes and habits together, provide people with practical instruments, and you are ready to change the corporate culture to align with the Goal Zero.
We train Corporate Culture of Safety Consciousness. This gives the personnel the ability to act responsibly and with consideration even in situations that are challenging and fast changing.     At the same time, this approach also increases job satisfaction, well being, and personnel’s motivation significantly. Community, mutual respect and trust, as well as seeking a common and valuable goal, make work motivating, supportive, and satisfying.


     In the working environment we act in accordance with the written and non-written rules. We all acknowledge and accept that, don’t we? But how many of us really agree, that there is more to the picture, than meets the eye? We all have our habits, beliefs, and priorities that define what we do and what we don’t do in reality. Even when we say that we really want to achieve something important to us, often in reality, we still keep on doing the usual things, with no efforts towards reaching that goal. 

     Why is it so? And what does this have to do with safety? 

     Is absolute safety with ”0 incidents goal” achievable just with technical measures, knowledge, and skills? Most of us answer - sure, if we would just act exactly according to rules and instructions! And that is true, until something happens and some incident or even a bad accident occurs, and everyone is left wondering how that could even be possible.

      Today, in most cases, the core reason for accidents lies in the behaviour of people.                                      Not only in the behaviour of those people who were actually involved in the accident, but in the mindset of the corporate culture on safety consciousness. In the Corporate Culture of Safety Consciousness - training, we tackle the reality and study what actually goes on in our behaviour and specifically in our minds. Is it even possible to do something about our habits, beliefs, priorities, commitment, and involvement to achieve ”the ZERO incident goal" in the organisation?

     We believe that the change comes from within, when the goal is truly valuable to us and we are willing to take the responsibility and work for it. And there are instruments available for that work! The value of the Corporate Culture of Safety Consciousness  -training is in the simplicity and accessibility of deep understanding of those instruments for anybody.

      Accidents always happen at a moment when safety is not a priority. In the training, by performing exercises in pairs and as a group, we reveal the limitations of our alertness, observation capacity, and the factors that influence our perception. We define the terms that help us understand why we make risky decisions, or when we are acting on auto-pilot, and what possibilities there are for safer behaviour, when we make more conscious choices. At the end, as a group, we will all deeply understand the change in attitude that is required in order to make the working environment safer, both physically and mentally, for yourself and everyone around you.

      We invite you to create a safer future for your organisation through the Corporate Culture of Safety Consciousness -training, and take that step for a safer future together with us!


Over 100 installers and their superiors participating in Corporate Culture of Safety Consciousness-training in Tampere, Finland. 


                                                                     The training focuses on developing vigilance, observation, and awareness. It highlights the importance of being able to identify the risks that we typically walk past in our daily lives. You learn to be aware of the limitations in your observations and what factors affect this. During the training the participants get a toolbox they can use to become more aware of their attitude and actions. This enables them to identify potential risk situations, take care of their peers, adapt to new and safer ways of working, and create and upkeep a conscious safety culture in their workspace.


                                                                The participants learn how to notice and become aware of the typical attitudes and assumptions that create the routine people use to behave in various situations.  Limitations of our perception are revealed in practise. After this they explore how these can lead to dangerous behaviour and rule-breaking. As a result of this training, the participants start to consciously choose to follow rules and actively participate in defining and acting upon safer work procedures. This enables you to reach the Goal Zero together.


                                                    Human factor transforms from a risk to become the main asset for the company.

A reduction in unsafe ways of acting reduces the amount of human and monetary damages. People understand their responsibility in creating and constantly upkeeping a safer environment, and this results in commitment, better safety, effectiveness, and empowerment. Immediate result is better work wellbeing, and a radical improvement in communication and a sense of community. Stakeholders also appreciate your sincere care for your people and the environment. 



To create safety consciousness you need tools. During the training we take a close look at our behavioural patterns, which enable us to make choices that we have not previously been aware of. Each choice has its consequences. These consequences can either be in line with the common goal or against it. 

People always make the best possible choice regarding their understanding at given time. After the training the participants have a whole new outlook on safety, both in their own work, but also their environment as a whole. Their ability and desire to be conscious about their own actions and take responsibility increases significantly. Apart from taking care of yourself, looking after your peers is key to both physical and mental wellbeing. 

Enthusiasm about participating in creating and maintaining rules increases along with commitment towards following the ones that have been commonly agreed upon. This also enables reduction in dangerous situations that arise out of neglect and concealing, and allows you to completely get rid of them and learn from them. 


Training format

This training is active and intensive, not a lecture or a theoretical training. Everybody participates in individual exercises and work in small groups. Training happens through discussions, considering different situations, and practicing. The things that we work with come from the participants own daily experiences and we use down to earth language that enables the participants to become more engaged and actually excited about working. 

Special tasks

Apart from discussions and considerations of different situations the training also includes small group  exercises, analysing video material, and individual written tasks. Deep acknowledgement of the limits of our perception is the key to more conscious behaviour in any situation. 

Importance of the group

Participants go through the entire training with the same group. An essential part of the training are the exercises, that are done with the support of the group. Apart from creating changes in the company that allow for better safety, the point of these exercises is primarily to make the insights that participants gather in this training part of their daily routines, both individually and as a group.



We have experience customising the programme to the individual possibilities and needs within each organisation. We can choose together what is possible and most effective for your company. The attitude is a decisive factor - always and in everything!

2 + 1 days

This is the optimal training combination for all managers and bosses. In three days it is possible to internalise all of the training material and develop into a true leader in creating Conscious Safety Culture in a company. Change is always started by the leadership and managers and their everyday actions. 

1 day

A sprint training for assembly workers, construction workers, and subcontractors. In one day we recognise the importance of consciousness for safety and the limitations in our perception as well as what factors affect the actions of us and those around us. Your employees and subcontractors choose the ZERO accidents goal and are willing to develop and commit to safety policies with support from the leadership.


If you are a manager of a production that is dangerous and holds safety risks:

You will achieve the ZERO accidents goal, your reputation as a safe and caring work place will spread to stakeholders, and material risks will reduce. Your employees won’t need to concentrate on trying to follow on the rules, instead they will themselves actively and immediately take care of their own safety as well as that of their coworkers and visitors. 

If you are Health, Safety, and Environment responsible:

The employees and subcontractors are your partners that understand the meaning of instructions and are willing to develop them and commit to following them as individuals and a group. Excitement and caring improves operations performance, tracking, and reporting, when the common goal is seen as something personally valuable.

If you are in HR or executive management:

Your company’s respectability as a workplace and business partner grows as a result of valuable goals and your true commitment to them. As a result of the increase in your staff’s consciousness communication and responsibility in all areas improves, along with the atmosphere.                                                                    The employees ability and willingness to create, even rapid, change become possible. Conscious Safety Culture is a living part of the whole company’s working culture.

You can decide to move towards the Transformational Leadership - management style, either in departments or as a whole company, if this is something you deem needed at the point in time and taking into account your strategic goals. However to achieve ZERO accidents goal and other benefits you get from the training do not require you to make this profound change to your leadership culture!

We respect everyone’s health and life, and therefore our goal every day is ZERO incidents ! 


Zero Accidents forum is a network of workplaces in Finland with the goal of continuously increasing workplace safety and work wellbeing, as well as sharing best practices. The network is connected through commitment to the “ZERO”-mindset. 

“Vision Zero” is a transformational approach to prevention that integrates the three dimensions of safety, health and well-being at all levels of work.

Safe and healthy working conditions are not only a legal and moral obligation – they also pay off economically. International research on the return on investments in prevention proves that every dollar invested in safety and health generates a potential benefit of more than two dollars in positive economic effects. Healthy working conditions contribute to healthy business.


A message from the trainer

     Decades of experience in different international leadership positions as well as entrepreneurship has proved to me that achieving outstanding, or one might even say extraordinary, results is possible even with the existing personnel. 
     Our rooted beliefs, habits, and routines are not an insurmountable obstacle when we decide to achieve something new and significant together. 
     ZERO accidents goal is also achievable when we approach it with professionalism and consciousness.                         
     Investing in mutual trust and respect enable fast and effective change in attitude towards safety in practical actions, regardless of the cultural and educational level of the employees, or their previous work experiences. 
     I train Conscious Safety Culture as well as responsibility and consideration to personnel in a variety of ways. The trainings are actionable rather than full of theory. Conscious Safety Culture is important to me and I hope that you also consider safety close to your heart, for the better of yourself, your coworkers, and those you care about.

Erkki ANTTILA, MSc.                                 Transformational Leadership -Trainer

What is it - being extraordinary ?

Corporate trainings for achieving extraordinary results in the fields of health, safety and security. 

Outstanding depth of co-operation among your own personnel and key partners on all levels.


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